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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 17, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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a family's fight to keep their 13-year-old on life support takes a legal turn. >> i let her know i -- [inaudible] >> reaction the family just announced keep her alive. investigators try to determine the cause of a fire at a recycling plant. how it is affecting the air quality and a look at the company tea similar incidents in the past. a home collapsed in san francisco. the interesting twist about who
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owns that home. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. breaking news out of san jose. we are just getting word there is a major gas leak in the vicinity of the alameda and north morrison avenue. that's just a few blocks of the center. these are live pictures. we have confirmed that san jose firefighters are responding and pg&e crews are there. once again, these images from overhead of this gas leak, from newschopper2. we're still waiting for an update on the situation but it may be a good idea to stay away from that area right now. once again, it's near the alameda and north morrison avenue in san jose. we will bring you updates on this situation as we get them. the case of 13-year-old jahi mcmath now involves legal action. she was declared legally brain dead after a procedure to
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remove her tonsils last week went horribly wrong. the teen's family had a vigil and are praying for positive results. >> reporter: right now, the family is in the icu. they say they are praying for her and the heartbroken family of jahi mcmath refusing to give up. >> i want her on as long as possible. i really believe that god will wake her up. >> reporter: the family says doctors did another test for brain activity this morning. no results released. doctors declared jahi brain dead after a routine tonsillectomy eight days ago. such an outcome is extremely rare. exactly how she died, not clear. the coroner's office required to claim the child's office and the hospital has to remove jahi
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from life support. >> it's kitting her will to live. that's unfair. she's human. that's my child in there. that's a heart. that's a life. >> reporter: the family's attorney delivered this letter today demanding that children's hospital refrain from terminating life support. the hospital says it cannot comment because jahi's family is not permitting them to speak about her case. we'll have more including the medical ethics and the legal issues tonight at 5:00. reporting live from oakland, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. there are major b.a.r.t. delays while the transit agency deals with a man seen walking on the tracks in oakland. allie rasmus sent in this photo here west oakland. a spokesperson says the man who may be suicidal was spotted on the tracks between west oakland and the y split just after 11:00 a.m. east bay trains are being stopped at embarcadero station in san francisco. and trains in oakland are being held while b.a.r.t. deals with the emergency. and breaking news now.
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ktvu has just confirmed reports of an explosion at santa rita jail in dublin. this is an alameda county jail. it's a reported kitchen fire and multiple patients are being treated. the sheriff's website says the facility holds 4,000 inmates and is the largest, the third largest jail i should say in california. patti lee is on her way to the scene. we'll update you with the very latest as soon as we hear more. once again, reports of injuries at santa rita jail in dublin after an explosion possibly in the kitchen. you can always follow us for more information on twitter for the latest updates. fire officials are looking into what caused the latest fire at a peninsula recycling plant. it burned for nearly seven hours. it may have sparked a smaller fire nearby. ktvu's janine de la vega is live from redwood city to tell us about the situation now and the impact on the air. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. the fire is out. earlier, you could see a plume
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of smoke in the distance behind me. but there's been a lot of cleanup going on this morning. there was so much scrap metal burning that it was a teed just process to -- tedious process to break it up and hose it down. from newschopper2, you can see the fiery metal that burned from sims. it caught fire just before 1:00 when the plant was closed. >> the explosions were significant. apparently people living in the marina heard it as well as a security guard nearby. >> reporter: a pile of metal appliances, about 30 feet high was burning. firefighters had to use excavators to break it apart. it was loaded on a conveyer belt, grounded up and hosed down. the process took hours. it prompted the county to advise people to stay inside because of the smoke. >> real rorid about it -- worried about it it's burning metal. >> reporter: and then a fire broke out at the seaport refinery. officials think embers sparked it and caused splee cement
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trucks to -- three cement trucks to catch fire. that was put out. this is the third fire at sims. management said they put safety measures in place limiting the size of their stockpiles and adding infrared technology. >> we're not gonna leave any stone unturned. we'll uncover what's going on. we need to understand why these fires are happening just as much as i know the public would like us to tell them. >> reporter: fire officials say they had to disassemble the pile, the origin of the fire has been destroyed. >> we have surveillance video from the security systems that we'll be looking at to try to get a time line of when this fire ignited. >> reporter: at 10:30 this morning, the shelter in place advisory was lifted. we do know that air quality officials are on site at sims right now. they are putting up monitors. we don't have the readings of how bad the air was until next
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week. we'll have more coming up on this story at 5:00 and 6:00. reporting live from redwood city, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. more details on the plant where this fire is burning. as janine said, there have been four other fires at the sims metal management plant in the last six years. the most recent happened a month ago that fire on november 10th. it raged for nearly 17 hours. it prompted a shelter-in-place order in three counties due to the heavy smoke coming from the plant. the company has been slapped with several fines. in april of 2007, the plant was given a fine for large amounts of contaminants caused by a fire at the plant. then in 2012, the company was ordered by the epa to stop releasing toxic pollutants into the bay. during inspections, investigators found five times the amount of lead allowed by federal law and other dangerous chemicals in the runoff. the wildfire burning in big sur has now grown to 550 acres and destroyed at least 15
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homes. it's burning near pfeiffer state beach on the rugged monterey county coast. this is video from last night. right now, at least a hundred people are under an evacuation order. two firefighters are recovering after suffering minor injuries and the fire is only 5% contained. >> today our main goal is gonna be structure protection with all of the residents in and around the fire area and then establishing and strengthening our control lines and anchor points. >> one of the destroyed homes belongs to big sur's fire chief. additional firefighters were brought in overnight bringing the force to 400. investigators are checking reports that an illegal camp fire may have started the fire late sunday. all morning we've been receiving reports of smoke and poor air quality, especially bad in the south bay because of those fires in big sur and redwood city. today is the area's 10th
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consecutive spare-the-air day. rosemary orozco joins us with more on the air quality conditions. >> yes, tori. the wind has been light. it's been variable. when it shifts if you are downwind, you will smell the smoke. giving you a very brief look at calm conditions right now, mountain view and san jose. half moon bay reporting just a lights breeze. this is the direction from half moon bay. this is the direction from sfo. and livermore, take a look. we have a south breeze blowing towards the north and towards the east. it depends where you are at and the winds have been shifting over the course of the morning. when we talk about big sur, it's a southerly breeze. it's a light sowtionerly breeze -- southerly breeze but it's slowing the smoke in this direction. it's easy too understand why monterey, monterey bay into the south bay, they are seeing that smoke and they are smelling that smoke. right now, the temperature out at the fire, 70 degrees. relative humidity about 27%. so not too bad. as you mentioned, it's another spare-the-air day.
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the tenth consecutive. here is a look at the air quality for your neighborhood. slightly better in some areas than what we had yesterday. but still unhealthy for the inner east bay as well as the santa clara valley. that's going to last all day today. i see better air quality coming our way. i will show you that coming up in a little bit. tori? >> thank you, rosemary. and building inspectors are now investigating a home collapse in san francisco's twin peaks area. newschopper2 was above the scene of the toppled home on crown terrace. here is a comparison photo of the home before this collapsed. and after. rob roth is live on the scene with the interesting twist about the building's owner. good afternoon, rob. >> reporter: tori, we want to show you the house. you can see it's collapsed and fallen and is just leaning there. engineers have been here much of the morning trying to determine what caused this to happen and make sure it is safe the way it is. >> i doipt think there's any immediate threat at it time --
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at this time. >> reporter: the house slipped at about 10:30 from crown terrace in twin peaks and slid down toward graystone terrace. no one was injured. the house was owned by a prominent developer named mel murphy of murphy, o'brien real estate. the house was being remodeled and being enlarged. the plans call for the house to become too big. >> we were trying to stop this from happening. he's gonna build a 5,000-square foot house in a neighborhood of 2,000-square foot houses. we fought it constantly. >> reporter: the neighbor sent us a picture of the home before it collapsed. contractors were repositioning it to a new foundation and that perhaps that contributed to the house. the contractors are discussing plans to stabilize the house to prevent any further problems.
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it may be that the house has to be demolished. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the oakland police department is rolling out new additions to the fleet today. we'll show you their new ride. >> we're less than a week until the final 49ers' regular season game at candlestick park. we'll take you inside for a final tour.
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we have new information about the fire at santa rita jail in alameda county. the alameda county fire department says there was an explosion in the kitchen in an oven. eight people needed medical treatment. one person is critical. again, patti lee is on her way to the scene. we'll keep you updated as we hear more information. a bipartisan federal budget bill passed a key test in the u.s. senate this morning. it's the first time in two years that congress appears to be on track to pass a budget deal. justin gray is in washington to explain why this morning's vote was so critical. justin? >> reporter: yeah, this is the one that really matters. even though a vote, an official vote to pass the budget is estimate, this morning -- is still to come, this morning, they needed 60 votes. 12 democrats joined with
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democrats to give the bill a 67- 33 victory. the final bill only needs 50 votes. it's expected to pass with no problems either late today or early on wednesday. this budget deal rolls back a lot of those across the board sequester cuts replacing them with more talked spending cuts. it passed the house with bipartisan support last week. it's not a grand bargain or a long-term budget deal but instead a short-term two-year agreement. >> i'm hopeful that this deal can be just the first of many bipartisan deals. that it can rebuild some of the trust, bring democrats and republicans together. >> reporter: now, some republican senators had complained this deal hurts veterans because of cuts to military pensions but supporters say everybody is gonna find something in here they don't like. they say that is the definition of a compromise. live in washington, justin gray, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. the crime rate in san jose is now higher than the average crime rate for the entire
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country. according to a new report, the city's independent auditor said last year there were slightly more than 3,000 major crimes per 100,000 residents. that's 3% above the state average and 1% above the country's average. the auditor also says that arrests are down while response times are up. the city's six candidates for mayor all day fighting crime is their -- say fighting crime is their top priority. the nraa has filed a lawsuit to block the new ordy than nance that bans magazines that hold more than ten rounds. the lawsuit argues that ten rounds or more is standard for many pistols and rifles sold in the u.s. the suit claims it's unconstitutional for the city to limit the number of rounds that law-abiding residents have to protect themselves. within the last hour, we got our first look amount the oakland police department's new patrol units.
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they rolled out the new ford police interceptor utilities at frank ogawa plaza. they will be replacing some of the old crown victorias in place. the department is getting 82 new vehicles designed to create better place for their officers. the interim chief says they will help jobs do their well and safety. >> we ask a lot from our police officers. and so in order to -- to provide them the necessary equipment in order for them to do the job that we ask them to do. >> this is the department's largest fleet purchase since 2001. the rent septemberors will be deplayed over the -- interceptors will be deployed over the next few months. the folks who managed candlestick parks gave the media a special tour just days before the stadium is set to see its last regular season football game. the playing field is almost ready for the 49ers and the falcons. beneath the stands and behind the scene, the staff are getting ready to say goodbye to
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a way of life. >> of it will be a sad time monday night. >> monday night, it has not hit me yet. like i said, being here for almost 30 years, raised my family here. >> kandedle stick park opened 50 years ago in 1960. it's set to be demolished next year. subtle changes in the forecast for your tuesday afternoon. this will lead to bigger changes as we get into wednesday, thursday, giving you a look outside at hazy sky over the bay as we told you at the top of the hour. another spare-the-air day. but we to have changes coming and those changes should improve our air quality. let's talk about what's happening right now. 57 degrees in napa. 58 in concord. 53 for oakland. low 60s san francisco. mid- to upper 60s half moon bay. some areas just slightly cooler than yesterday.
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again, only subtle changes taking place today. the winds are generally light. we have a variable wind. i think the onshore breeze will begin into the afternoon and so for the coastline it could be cooler as we end the day than what we had yesterday. yesterday was a beautiful day along the coast. notice these clouds continue to pull in from the south. all the way in from nevada. if i back it up a little bit more, you will be able to see the system off the southern california coastline. drawing in those high clouds. we still have a ridge in place. i have a 12-hour time lapse on this. you can see how it's slowly starting to break down. it starts here and then it ends right about here. we have a system that's going to be dropping in over the next couple of days. it's going to take until tomorrow night and into thursday morning and it eventually will cool us down. it will bring back the onshore breeze and that will improve our air quality. for today, hazy skies continue. widespread 60s in the forecast. not as warm as yesterday. just a tad cooler in most
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areas. as we get into wednesday, though, a bigger drop in temperatures and then thursday will be the coolest day. behind the system that's going to improve our air quality, breezy conditions expected. thursday and friday could be a bit breezy. i want to show you the forecast model. unfortunately, we won't see any rain. we may pick up a little bit of drizzle wednesday night into thursday morning as this moves through. where we'll see precip is over the sierra. looks like we may pick up a few inches of fresh snow wednesday night into thursday. unfortunately, no rain. if we do, it could be just a little bit of drizzle. highs today, 68 in oakland. 66 san mateo. upper 60s san rafael. 68 for san jose. the possibility of smoke in and around the bay area. if you smell it, maybe stay indoors. you don't want to be breathing it. not good for you. a look at the extended forecast here. temperatures cooling off. the coolest day will be thursday. again we could be a little
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breezy thursday into friday and then we're warming it back up with mostly sunny skies in time for the weekend. >> all right. looking forward to the sunny weekend. >> you got it. for an update on other breaking news. this story in san jose, pg&e crews are still at the scene of a major gas leak. it's happening in the vicinity of the alameda in north morrison avenue. these are pictures taken there. a third-party contractor hit a main. there's a shelter in place for residents and businesses in the air yault. authority -- in the area. authorities expect that to remain for the next three years. anyone who leaves the area will not be allowed back in until the shelter-in-place order is lifted. it's the jackpot that just keeps growing. how much tonight's megamillions jackpot is worth and what could happen if no one wins tonight. ? well say hello to aio!
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stocks are mixed in early trade -- early afternoon trading as the federal reserve begins a two-day policy meeting. investors find out tomorrow morning if the fed will start to pair back the huge bond buying program. the dow is currently up 7. the nasdaq up 1. s&p down 3. deaths, devices drove the
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search for google. three of the four fastest rising requests were triggered by deaths. nelson mandela and paul mandella were the most popular. corey monteith was on there. lottery fever is heating up as people across the bay area rush to get their megamillion dollar jackpot tickets. tonight's jackpot has surpassed $636 million. officials say it's expected to be bigger as ticket sales grow throughout the day. there's not an winner in 21 drawings. if no one wins this week, it's possible the jackpot could reach the $1 billion mark for the drawing on christmas eve. we're following several breaking news stories at this hour, including an -- including an oven explosion at santa rita jail. this is live from newschopper2. we've just learned nine patients are being treated.
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one of them with critical conditions. could see a lot of official vehicles there and an ambulance. we have an update on the b.a.r.t. breaking news. service was just restored between san francisco and the east bay. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you on and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. thanks for watching.
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